Frequently Asked Questions

We are offering the FreshAir1 plug-in device to hotels and property managers. Please contact us at Sign up for updates here.

Devices are available through the FreshAir Sensor website.

The FreshAir1 plug-in device is available in two convenient pricing options:

  1. Purchase the device at $360 each.
  2. Lease the device at $6/month each.

Either way you get the same product and service. There is no contract/lockup on the lease option.

The service includes the constant monitoring and storage of sensor data. It provides real-time email notifications when smoking has occurred and summary charts of the chemical levels detected once events are over.

Our proprietary sensor technology is similar to biological receptors. It detects specific molecules in the air. The smoking sensors monitor the air and detect increases in the levels of these molecules when smoking occurs. Real-time alerts are delivered via email. When the event is over, a report is generated to provide timestamped proof that smoking has occurred. There is no audible or visual alarm in the space where smoking is detected.

A good rule of thumb is that one device will cover a normal size hotel room. Sensitivity of the sensors, like any sensor, will depend on factors like the volume of the room, the proximity of the device to the source of smoking, and the direction, speed, and volume of airflow.

Our sensors detect specific chemicals in cigarette smoke. The sensitivity is set to monitor smoking in the same room as the device. If you live in a non-smoking building, we suggest talking to your property manager about placing devices in every unit to ensure complete coverage.

No, the FreshAir1 plug-in device can be inserted into a standard North American outlet. Once the device is plugged in, the installation process is quick and easy using the FreshAir Sensor mobile app.

Wi-Fi is required for monitoring and immediate email notifications when smoking occurs.

We are developing a hardwired version of the device that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. This version will be a good solution for customers outside of the US.