Detecting tobacco and
marijuana smoking
in hotels
and apartments

24x7 monitoring.
Immediate detection.
Cleaner rooms.

FreshAir device

FreshAir Sensor's Plug-In Smoking Detection Device

Protect your no-smoking areas and maintain cleaner rooms

Proven Sensor Technology

Widely deployed in hotels, apartments, and other professionally managed properties, FreshAir's devices with patented PolySens® technology detect and prove smoking in unauthorized areas


Unlike typical smoke detectors which use light or radiation to detect general particles (dust, smoke, steam, etc.), our sensors are the only technology to detect specific molecules in tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke

Easy to Install and Tamper Proof

Designed to prevent typical efforts to defeat detection, FreshAir detection devices can be plugged into standard Type B outlets and secured with tamper-proof screws or hardwired into the ceiling or wall

Wi-Fi Enabled

FreshAir detection devices connect to your building’s Wi-Fi to communicate 24x7 with the FreshAir monitoring platform

Immediate Alerts

When smoking is detected in a monitored space, FreshAir sends an immediate alert via email, computer desktop, and/or mobile phone push notification to users on your account

Scientific Proof

Smoking alerts come with timestamped reports of the incident in the monitored space, providing the scientific proof you need to enforce your no-smoking policies

Mobile App

The FreshAir Mobile App and online Client Portal allow your team to access alert history, stay updated on device information, and log additional evidence of smoking to be archived in alert history (notes, observations, etc.)

Cleaner Rooms

24x7 monitoring and immediate detection enable consistent policy enforcement and timely staff response to reduce smoking and maintain cleaner, healthier, safer rooms

FreshAir device

Helping Hotels and Apartments Enforce No-Smoking Policies

Improve profitability and customer satisfaction with cleaner rooms

Immediate notifications

Operating a Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer Environment for Your Guests and Residents

Your customers overwhelmingly prefer a smoke-free environment


Typical Savings for Hotels and Apartments

Save money on cleaning and avoid lost revenue due to smoking damages

Number of apartments
Average monthly rent
Vacancy rate
Additional turnover cost
Turnover rate
Percentage of units smoked in
Monthly Cost of Smoking
Monthly Cost of FreshAir Sensor
Monthly Savings

Additional Revenue

Increased occupancy due to being certified smoke-free
78% of renters would choose a smoke-free building. 43% would pay more for it.

1 Apartment
2 Apartments
3 Apartments
4 Apartments
5 Apartments
Number of rooms
Average room rate
Occupancy rate
Cost of smoking incident
Smoking fee
Collection rate
Smoking incidents per month
Monthly Cost of Smoking
Monthly Cost of FreshAir Sensor
Monthly Savings

Additional Revenue

Increased occupancy due to being certified smoke-free
87% of customers would prefer a smoke-free facility. 43% would pay more for it.

1% Occupancy increase
2% Occupancy increase
5% Occupancy increase
10% Occupancy increase
15% Occupancy increase

Reduce Smoking While Increasing Revenue

Collect cleaning fees, win credit card chargebacks, and avoid court cases


Protect No-Smoking Areas in Hotels and Apartments

Learn more about the only technology available to specifically monitor for, immediately detect, and prove unauthorized smoking of tobacco and marijuana