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FreshAir is widely deployed by hotels, apartment buildings, and short term rentals to detect unauthorized smoking. FreshAir helps professionally managed properties keep their buildings smoke-free.

FreshAir specifically monitors for and detects tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. It does not detect:

  • candles, food burning, incense, or other typical excuses from smokers;
  • non-tobacco and non-marijuana drugs (smoked or otherwise consumed); and
  • vaping (e-cigarettes, vape pens, wax pens etc.).

FreshAir currently detects combusted tobacco and combusted marijuana. It does not detect vapor from e-cigarettes or e-vaporizers, including JUULpods. FreshAir’s chemistry and engineering teams are diligently working on a sensor to detect vaping. This product will be available to current and new clients as soon as it is functional and ready.

FreshAir’s proprietary and patented sensors are similar to biological receptors in the body. The sensors bind only with specific target molecules present in the air when someone is actively smoking tobacco and/or marijuana. When smoking is detected in your monitored spaces, users on your account will immediately receive an alert via email, on their computer desktop, and/or mobile phone push notification, informing them of the time and location of unauthorized smoking.

Each FreshAir device can cover an open area up to 500 square feet. For areas that are larger and/or easily sectioned off by doors, complete coverage of the space might require multiple devices. The sensitivity of the sensors depends on factors such as the volume of the room, the proximity of the device to the source of smoking, and the direction, speed, and volume of airflow.

FreshAir’s sensors detect both tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke, but the system is designed not to differentiate between the two substances. Smoking alerts notify you of the time and location of unauthorized smoking without indicating which substance was smoked.

FreshAir devices connect to your building’s Wi-Fi to communicate with FreshAir’s monitoring platform. When smoking is detected in a monitored space, an immediate alert is sent via email, computer desktop, and/or mobile phone push notification. Multiple users on your account can receive smoking alerts. A smoking report is also generated for each alert, which includes a downloadable, timestamped chart that can be used as scientific proof of smoking.

FreshAir devices do not emit audible or visual alarms.

The monitoring service includes 24/7 monitoring, immediate email, computer desktop, and/or mobile phone push notifications when smoking occurs, downloadable reports with scientific proof of smoking, weekly monitoring summaries, storage of all smoking alert data, and access to FreshAir’s Client Experience team for support.

Plug-in FreshAir devices secure to standard North American (Type B) power outlets with tamper-proof screws provided by FreshAir.

Hardwired FreshAir devices secure to the ceiling or wall using wall plates provided by FreshAir.

If a device is removed from an outlet or its mount by force, the device will be immediately labeled as “offline” on your account.

Yes. Wi-Fi is required for devices to connect to FreshAir’s monitoring platform. The Wi-Fi network needs to have a consistent, strong signal wherever installed devices are located.

FreshAir offers an optional service to pre-configure your devices before shipping your order so that they automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network once installed.

Self-configuring FreshAir devices for your Wi-Fi network is also a quick and easy process using the FreshAir Sensor mobile app. The app is available for clients on both Android and iOS.

Physical installation for the plug-in version, involves plugging the devices into standard North American (Type B) outlets in range of the Wi-Fi network. Plug-in devices are then secured either directly to the outlet or to a provided specialty wall plate with tamper-proof screws and a FreshAir screwdriver.

Hardwired devices secure to the ceiling or wall via a provided wall plate. The hardwiring should be completed by an electrician.

As FreshAir’s client, you have the discretion over how to handle smoking alerts with your customers (guests, residents, and/or tenants).

FreshAir is consistently successful supporting clients on contested charges for smoking fees and enforcing tenant evictions. Our smoking alerts serve as scientific, timestamped proof of smoking activity.

During the installation process, FreshAir provides best practices for hotel managers and property managers, including recommended procedures for responding to smoking alerts.

FreshAir is not designed to detect smoking in adjacent rooms, hallways, or stairwells. A FreshAir device detects active smoking within the monitored space or room where it is installed.

If you are interested in preventing secondhand smoke from entering a space, we suggest requesting your property manager install FreshAir devices throughout the property to fully enforce its no-smoking policy.

FreshAir is developing the next generation of its proprietary, polymer sensors to detect molecules released in e-cigarette vapor. This product will be available to current and new clients as soon as it is functional and ready.

FreshAir’s chemistry and engineering teams also have an active, on-going research and development agenda to improve and expand the application of existing sensors and develop new sensors for other hazardous chemicals and substances, including but not limited to benzene, cotinine (the metabolite of nicotine in human blood, saliva, and urine), formaldehyde, mold, and tetrahydrocannabinol.