Sensors for a Cleaner World

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Monitor and Deter Smoking in Prohibited Areas

Sensors detect secondhand cigarette and marijuana smoke
Violations are reported via Wi-Fi or recorded and then retrieved via Bluetooth.

What We Do

Protect Living Spaces

Secondhand smoke detectors are installed to a power outlet or hardwired into the building systems.


A connected sensor is monitored via a wifi connection with 24/7 reporting to the owner of violations.

Real Time Reports

Sensor data is logged on-board, in real time and may be retrieved at the convenience of the user.

Tamper Proof

The system is designed to thwart typical efforts to defeat detection, ensuring a smoke-free environment.

Nicotine and Marijuana Detector

Plug-In Our plug-in detector fits into a standard two-unit wall receptacle with tamper resistant screws and provides pass-through access to the power outlet. It operates continuously to monitor the room environment. Data is stored in on-board memory. Detected smoking violations are reported to a central monitoring system via Wi-Fi and the owner is immediately notified via email. This device is well-suited to the needs of those managing hotels, multi-unit complexes, dormitories, etc.