Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Names FreshAir Finalist for Supplier of the Year

Award nomination highlights effectiveness of FreshAir smoking sensors in Nevada hotels

Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Names FreshAir Finalist for Supplier of the Year

31 Aug 2022

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (NHLA) named FreshAir Sensor as a finalist for its 2022 Stars of the Industry Hospitality Supplier of the Year Awards. The awards celebrate the exceptional professionalism and outstanding service of top providers in the Nevada casino and hospitality industry.

The Supplier of the Year Award nomination highlights the effectiveness of FreshAir’s smoking sensors to tackle the problem of unauthorized tobacco and marijuana smoking in hotel rooms. FreshAir’s patented smoking sensors monitor for and immediately detect smoking. Hoteliers are able to immediately stop smoking and charge cleaning fees with the confidence of scientific proof from timestamped FreshAir Smoking Alerts. FreshAir enables hotel managers to maintain cleaner, healthier, safer environments in hotels for guests and staff.

The award also recognizes FreshAir’s active engagement with NHLA and its members. FreshAir executives serve on NHLA’s Clean and Green Committee, Safety and Security Committee, and Technology Committee helping to organize events, create educational content, and enhance professional development.

NHLA showcases FreshAir’s expertise in no-smoking policy and procedure enforcement on its Master Key Blog:

  • Scientific Proof of Smoking Removes Ambiguity for Hoteliers: Unlike traditional smoke detectors that indiscriminately indicate any particles, FreshAir’s novel and patented sensors bind only with specific molecules that are present when someone is actively smoking tobacco or marijuana. FreshAir sensors are not fooled by candles, incense, dust, pollen, steam, or other non-smoking sources. When hotel clients receive FreshAir smoking alerts, they have reliable, stand-alone proof of the smoking incident … read more.
  • New Technology Reduces Smoking and Increases Revenue: FreshAir Sensor provides a timestamped chart of smoking event, providing scientific proof that smoking took place. When cleaning fees are charged, the hotel is consistently able to collect them, and the credit card processing companies accept FreshAir Sensor’s charts as evidence of smoking … read more.

FreshAir produces webinars for NHLA members, such as “Smoking Violations at Your Hotel?” (February 2021) where participants discussed:

  • Actual cost of smoking policy violations;
  • Impact of COVID on guests’ perceptions;
  • Solutions for detecting, proving, and charging for smoking incidents (even without physical evidence); and
  • Multi-year case study for a casino hotel.

FreshAir executives participate in NHLA committee meetings and present at special events about how to detect, monitor, and prevent unauthorized smoking with patented smoking sensor technology and 24×7 monitoring services.

  • Clean and Green Committee: Promotes best practices in housekeeping and sustainability, efficiency, communication, education, and environmental practices in today’s hospitality industry. The focus is on best operational practices to reduce costs while increasing guest satisfaction.
  • Safety and Security Committee: Provides an annual conference, information, updates, alerts, news, resources, education, and related community affairs for NHLA members to stay current in ever increasing areas of safety and security of guests and staff.
  • Technology Committee: Ensures new industry trends, technologies, current issues, and resources are made available to all NHLA members.

NHLA will host the 11th Annual Stars of the Industry Hospitality Awards Gala on September 8 at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

For more information on the scientific basis of FreshAir Sensor, please view the supporting documents on our Sensor Technology page.