Opt-in Hotel Housekeeping Reinforces Need for 24×7 Smoking Detection and Monitoring

Automated, reliable FreshAir Smoking Alerts help hotels keep rooms clean and smoke-free

Opt-in Hotel Housekeeping Reinforces Need for 24×7 Smoking Detection and Monitoring

29 Jul 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic changed hotel housekeeping. A combination of opt-in cleaning policies, guest preferences, and staffing shortages prompted many hotels to scale back housekeeping teams and room cleaning frequency. In the past, daily, in-room housekeeping visits were integral to enforce no-smoking policies. With reduced housekeeping teams, hotels are relying on technology-based solutions to quickly and accurately detect unauthorized smoking. FreshAir provides a cost-effective and discreet solution to enforce no-smoking policies amidst changes in housekeeping norms.

Housekeeping teams used to be the primary source of the photographic evidence needed to prove that smoking had occurred in a hotel room. Many hotels relied on the physical evidence found by housekeepers to successfully charge the smoking fee. FreshAir’s novel technology uses patented polymer sensors to monitor for, immediately detect, and prove tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking. With a FreshAir Smoking Alert, physical proof is no longer necessary to charge a smoking fee. As housekeeping practices evolve with new hospitality norms, FreshAir allows hotels to continue enforcing no-smoking policies by providing novel and reliable ways to prove smoking occured.

FreshAir’s monitoring and alert system connects housekeeping, front desk and maintenance teams on one platform. Connecting these teams with FreshAir’s easy to use mobile app and web portal removes the burden from housekeeping to inspect all rooms. The FreshAir system facilitates communication between hotel teams and provides a tool to effectively streamline no-smoking procedures and follow-up, including an online archive of all Smoking Alerts.

FreshAir Smoking Alerts are timestamped and sent immediately to hotel staff members’ email or mobile device. In the past, hotel staff learned about smoking violations from guests’ complaints and daily housekeeping visits. The timestamped alerts provide the details necessary for today’s hotel teams to follow up with guests in the time and manner they see fit.

The evolution of the hospitality industry includes a move towards more technology-based, contactless customer service. Less frequent housekeeping visits mean that hotels are looking for new ways to keep rooms clean, detect smoking, and enforce no-smoking policies. The FreshAir monitoring system accommodates changes in the hospitality industry by providing an automated, reliable tool to immediately detect tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking. As the hospitality industry pivots to new housekeeping and maintenance standards, FreshAir provides an effective solution for no-smoking policy enforcement.

For more information on the scientific basis of FreshAir Sensor, please view the supporting documents on our Sensor Technology page.