Eliminating Secondhand Smoke in Hotels

Keep your hotel safe for guests and staff with patented smoking sensor technology

Eliminating Secondhand Smoke in Hotels

21 Jan 2022

Now more than ever, hotels strive to prevent the spread of disease and keep hotel guests and staff healthy with enhanced cleaning protocols, housekeeping routines, and contactless technology. Guests have welcomed these adjustments and improvements, as they look for safety as much as comfort in their hotel stays. Building on the progress of the cleanliness campaigns, the hospitality industry has the opportunity to utilize novel sensor technology to keep guests safe from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

No form of secondhand smoke is safe for anyone. According to the CDC, secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals; 70 of which cause cancer. The carcinogenic elements of tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke can eventually lead to severe forms of lung cancer. In addition to lasting health effects in adults, secondhand smoke causes developmental issues when pregnant mothers smoke or are exposed to smoke. Children exposed to secondhand smoke are especially vulnerable, suffering from increased ear infections, asthma attacks, and respiratory illnesses throughout their lifetimes.

With safety in mind, guests and hotel staff like housekeeping want assurances that their stays and workdays do not include exposure to secondhand smoke. With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, guests and hotel staff are even more concerned with cleanliness standards that impact their health. New research shows that both smoking and secondhand smoke exposure exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms. In light of guest approval of COVID-related cleaning procedures and the importance of maintaining a smoke-free environment, systems and technology to keep hotels smoke-free are more important than ever.

The FreshAir detection system keeps guests and staff free from secondhand smoke exposure. Hotels across the country are installing FreshAir Wi-Fi devices equipped with patented sensors to detect marijuana smoking and tobacco smoking. FreshAir’s 24×7 monitoring catches unauthorized smoking quickly and deters guests and residents from breaking no-smoking policies. FreshAir’s immediate detection and smoking alerts give no wiggle room to policy-breakers, as the system provides scientific proof of tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke.

Secondhand smoke causes many health problems, including cancer and respiratory illnesses. In light of COVID-19, guests support enhanced cleanliness standards for healthy hotel stays. FreshAir helps hotels meet the responsibilities they have to their guests and staff to maintain safe, smoke-free properties.

For more information on the scientific basis of FreshAir Sensor, please view the supporting documents on our Sensor Technology page.