Avoiding and Winning Credit Card Chargebacks from Disputed Smoking Fees

Successfully charging a smoking fee with FreshAir’s scientific proof

Avoiding and Winning Credit Card Chargebacks from Disputed Smoking Fees

08 Oct 2021

Unauthorized smoking in hotel guest rooms causes a host of problems, including soft goods damage, poor guest reviews, and costly cleaning procedures. Many hotels charge $500 smoking fees to cover some of the costs. Without physical proof of smoking, hotels are vulnerable to losing these fees to credit card chargebacks. As the only technology which immediately detects and scientifically proves tobacco and marijuana smoking, FreshAir Sensor helps hotels successfully charge and keep smoking fees.

FreshAir Smoking Alerts are stand alone proof that smoking has taken place. FreshAir’s patented sensors have been developed through rigorous peer-reviewed research and testing and are proven to detect tobacco and marijuana smoke. The sensors perform like biological receptors, binding only with molecules that are present when someone is actively smoking tobacco or marijuana. The sensors do not respond to other sources of smoke. The Sensor Technology page includes additional information on how FreshAir sensors function as well as peer-reviewed research articles outlining their development.

The FreshAir smoking detection system includes documentation to help hotels and short term rental companies successfully charge their smoking and/or cleaning fees. With each smoking event, FreshAir users can access a Smoking Report with a time-stamped chart of the incident in the monitored space. This report allows hotel staff to record observations and actions taken for individual smoking violations. Hoteliers can download Smoking Reports to share externally with guests and/or credit card companies at the time of smoking violations or later when smoking fees are disputed.

Many hotels rely on the FreshAir 24×7 monitoring service to avoid chargebacks altogether. In addition to the Smoking Alerts and Smoking Reports, FreshAir offers best practices for hoteliers to promptly respond to Smoking Alerts, record observations and actions, and prevent credit card chargebacks from disputed smoking fees. Historically, physical or photographic evidence was the only way to adequately prove that smoking occured. FreshAir smoking sensors now offer a robust and reliable system of proof.

By providing objective evidence of unauthorized smoking, FreshAir allows hotels to charge smoking fees with confidence. Accurately charging the smoking fee with FreshAir documentation enables hotels to generate fee income and deter future smokers from attempting to smoke in guest rooms, reducing short and long term costs for hotel management.

FreshAir Sensor provides novel technology and reliable service for hotels to collect smoking fee revenue, win credit card chargebacks, and promote clean, smoke-free rooms.

For more information on the scientific basis of FreshAir Sensor, please view the supporting documents on our Sensor Technology page.