Scientific Proof of Smoking

Clear and convincing evidence of smoking events from FreshAir Sensor to enforce no-smoking policies

Scientific Proof of Smoking

01 Jul 2021

No-smoking enforcement in hotels and apartments has been notoriously difficult due to the high burden of proof. Smoking odors and even the presence of smoking materials are often insufficient to charge smoking fees or prove lease violations, particularly when met with cunning guests or residents.

Scientific proof of smoking removes this ambiguity for hotel and apartment managers. As the only technology available to specifically monitor for, immediately detect, and prove tobacco and marijuana smoking, FreshAir smoking detection devices and smoking alerts provide the needed scientific proof. Data-driven smoking alerts streamline policy enforcement and ease communication between operator and customer.

Unlike traditional smoke detectors that indiscriminately indicate any particles, FreshAir’s novel and patented sensors bind only with specific molecules that are present when someone is actively smoking tobacco or marijuana. FreshAir sensors are not fooled by candles, incense, dust, pollen, steam, or other non-smoking sources. When clients receive FreshAir smoking alerts, they have reliable, stand-alone proof of the smoking incidents in the monitored space.

Smoking reports with time stamped charts of the smoking incident (pictured below) accompany each FreshAir alert. Hotel managers use the reports to log staff actions and observations for their records. Hoteliers can download the comprehensive reports to share with their guests at the time of violation to refute common excuses and reduce attempted chargebacks.

Scientific proof

In the event of a disputed smoking fee, hoteliers can file the smoking report alongside its registration card to win the chargeback. The smoking alert provides sufficient evidence that smoking took place and the documentation needed to ease client interactions and fully collect smoking fees.

Residential property managers and public housing authorities find that FreshAir’s data-driven evidence improves compliance with federal and state no-smoking regulations. Property managers rely on the smoking alert’s scientific proof to confirm violations. Frequently when a resident’s attorney sees FreshAir documentation of smoking, the resident chooses to settle out of court in favor of the property management. When residents take property managers to housing court, FreshAir documentation has been deemed by judges as clear and convincing evidence to successfully prove the smoking violations.

FreshAir provides a detailed record of not only individual smoking events, but also smoking trends on property. All smoking alerts and reports are logged in the client online portal with timestamps and incident locations. This data allows clients to monitor and quantify trends in no-smoking violations across their properties and portfolios. Seasonal trends, collected fees, and response consistency are among the information accessible to hotels and property managers through FreshAir. Smoking data allows clients to better understand no-smoking violations on their properties and how to prevent them in the future.

Documented alerts and reports provide a data-driven solution to smoking prevention and enforcement. FreshAir clients rely on the evidence provided by smoking alerts to charge smoking fees, ease client interactions during follow up, and enforce lease violations. FreshAir technology works effectively for hotel managers and property managers alike, providing the scientific proof to confidently enforce no-smoking policies.