Downtown Miami Hotel

Client Story: Downtown Miami Hotel

Instant financial and operational benefits by pinpointing smoking locations and reducing guest complaints

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downtown hotel

Miami FL

528 Rooms


  • Security could not pinpoint rooms where smoking occurred.
  • Evidence of smoking was reported to security during turnover, long after the guest left.
  • Complaints from non-smoking guests of smoking odors coming from other rooms.
  • Negative experience for non-smoking guests.
  • Loss of repeat customers and recommendations.
  • Additional cleaning and ionizing required after smoking events.


  • FreshAir Smoking Sensors immediately detect tobacco and marijuana smoking in each hotel room on a molecular level.
  • FreshAir Smoking Alerts provide immediate, indisputable scientific proof of smoking with timestamps and location.
  • FreshAir Monitoring Platform sends discreet Smoking Alerts to hotel security immediately after smoking occurs.
  • FreshAir Smoking Alerts provide staff the evidence they need to charge a guest while they are still on property.
  • The FreshAir Smoking Detection System helps prevent chargebacks and archives the evidence needed to fight them if needed.


  • Immediate Smoking Alerts for prompt security response to smoking in rooms.
  • Quick and accurate detection when guests are smoking.
  • Fewer complaints from non-smoking guests.
  • Time saved investigating smoking incidents and cleaning rooms.
  • Positive return on investment generated from cleaning fees and fewer customer complaints.

“What has been beneficial for us is the fact that there are much less complaints by guests of the smell of smoke near their room.”

In-Depth Review

The security team at a prominent downtown Miami hotel frequently smelled tobacco and marijuana smoke in the hallways. The director of security and safety at the active and popular hotel knew guests were smoking in their rooms, but his team could not pinpoint the locations.

When non-smoking guests complained of smelling tobacco and marijuana smoke from other rooms, security staff would investigate but could not definitively identify the room(s) with smoking.

Housekeeping would find evidence of smoking during room turnover and notify hotel security. By then, the guest had left, leaving behind a smoking damaged room that could not be rented and unhappy guests who were unlikely to stay at the hotel again or recommend it to others.

“We’ve saved time and effort on behalf of the Security team needing to respond to calls of incidents of smoking without having a specific room to check. ”

To stop unauthorized smoking, the hotel began working with FreshAir Sensor. The FreshAir Smoking Detection system immediately detects smoking and sends time-stamped, location specific Smoking Alerts to hotel staff. FreshAir Smoking Alerts are scientific proof of smoking at a molecular level.

Deploying the FreshAir Smoking Detection system has made a real difference. “We’ve saved time and effort,” the hotel’s director of security and safety reported. “The Security team can now respond to incidents of smoking with a specific room to check.”

Hotel security responds to FreshAir Smoking Alerts quickly. The FreshAir Smoking Sensors detect smoking “before it overwhelms neighboring rooms,” explained the director of security and safety. “There are much less complaints by guests about the smell of smoke.”

As standalone proof of smoking the FreshAir Smoking Alerts are indisputable, enabling the hotel to collect smoking fees and win chargebacks. The system provides instant, positive operational and financial returns.

“ROI is in the black and that is good news for us. Some guests try to dispute the smoke alert charge, but we hold our ground,” said the hotel’s director of security and safety.

The FreshAir Smoking Detection system is the tool the hotel needs to effectively enforce their no-smoking policy and help their team pinpoint when and where smoking occurs.

Operational efficiency was a major added benefit according to the director of security and safety: “I would recommend using the product. Since the installation of FreshAir, the hotel’s efforts in monitoring and responding to smoking incidents have diminished considerably. That time is used on other efforts now.”