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Client Story: Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

“The Revenue Speaks for Itself” - Casino Hotel enjoys the benefits of a prudent investment in smoking detection, yielding significant revenue and increasing guest satisfaction.


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Resorts Casino Hotel

Total Rooms:


  • Guests smoking in non-smoking rooms without repercussions.
  • Often finding out at the last minute that a room was smoked in and a new guest is waiting.
  • Having no solid way to fight credit card chargebacks on smoking fees.
  • Complaints from neighboring rooms.


  • Implementation of FreshAir Smoking Sensors, the only technology that can monitor for and specifically detect tobacco and marijuana smoking
  • Real-time reporting of smoking incidents.
  • Solid scientific proof at the moment of smoking, making it difficult for guests to dispute charges.


  • Reduced workload for the housekeeping team in cleaning smoking violations.
  • Generating additional revenue each month.
  • Significant reduction in complaints about neighboring rooms smoking.
  • Sensors pay for themselves three times over every month.
  • Reduced need for deep cleaning of rooms, leading to cost savings.
  • Reduced or Fewer service recovery comps given out due to fewer complaints.

“The revenue speaks for itself, the sensors pay for themselves very quickly and we have been able to save our rooms from guests who plan to smoke in non-smoking rooms.  

The process has been well worth the time and investment. We are hoping to see just as much success in our next tower as the first tower!”

In-Depth Review

In the highly competitive hospitality market of Atlantic City, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for guests is paramount. Amanda Jazwinski, Director of Hotel Operations at the Resort Casino Hotel, faced a common problem for many in the hospitality industry-guests smoking in her rooms. 

Guests felt free to smoke in their rooms without concern of repercussions. She was lucky if smoking was discovered before checkout, as housekeeping typically found evidence long after the guest had left. Smoking incidents repeatedly led to complaints from other guests who either witnessed the act or checked into the rooms that still smelled of smoke.

The hotel regularly had to undertake an extensive cleaning process, involving stripping the room, cleaning, and using an ionizer for at least 8 hours. For all that work, chargebacks on smoking fees were prevalent, and often declined, due to guests disputes.

“Our housekeeping team would take videos of how they found the rooms at checkout,” explained Ms. Jazwinski. “However, most of the time the guests’ credit card declined for the smoking charge.” 

Responding to ongoing guest frustration with smoking incidents, Resorts Casino Hotel adopted the FreshAir Sensor Smoking Detection System. The outcomes have been remarkably positive.   

Guest complaints regarding neighboring rooms smoking have decreased dramatically. The housekeeping team spends less time cleaning up after individuals who smoked where they shouldn’t have, and the hotel now generates additional monthly revenue through smoking fees.

“The revenue speaks for itself, and the sensors pay for themselves very quickly,” Ms.Jazwinski explained. “We have been able to save our rooms from guests who plan to smoke in non-smoking rooms.”  

She encouraged those on the fence about adopting such technology to consider the quick return on investment and the significant impact on guest honesty and hotel operations. “There was a learning curve for our guests and our staff, but the process has been well worth the time and investment.”

Ms. Jazwinski expressed optimism about replicating the success in the next hotel tower, indicating a positive trajectory for Resorts Casino Hotel’s commitment to enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Resorts Casino Hotel’s experience with FreshAir highlights the transformative power of innovative solutions in addressing industry-specific challenges and fostering a better guest experience.